Clearance SaleExtrusion-Head Mosquito-Hotend-Adapter 3d-Printer Trianglelab Dragon Super-Precision

Extrusion-Head Mosquito-Hotend-Adapter 3d-Printer Trianglelab Dragon Super-Precision

Top Sale 42% Cutfor Clearance SaleExtrusion-Head Mosquito-Hotend-Adapter 3d-Printer Trianglelab Dragon Super-Precision, perfect quality warranty from honored merchant.

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    Clearance SaleExtrusion-Head Mosquito-Hotend-Adapter 3d-Printer Trianglelab Dragon Super-Precision Specification & Description Summary

    Clearance SaleExtrusion-Head Mosquito-Hotend-Adapter 3d-Printer Trianglelab Dragon Super-Precision Specification

    • Brand NameDFORCE
    • OriginCN(Origin)
    • Item TypeHot End
    • Model NumberDragon HOTEND


    Titan+BMG大全套分解 | 相片擁有者 aimengdove831

    dragon-分解 | 相片擁有者 aimengdove831
    If you need to send UPS/Fedex/TNT/DHL, please contact us. We need to discuss the freight with you.
    The trianglelab has always been concerned about product quality. We are developing products and working hard to improve the quality. We will not abandon our reputation because of many cheap products on the market. It is believed that only high quality products can ensure the quality of your work and bring safety to your work.
    Some of our products may be more expensive than others, but please believe in our quality and believe that you will not regret when you receive the goods.

    Compared with brass nozzle:


    Superior heat break performance.
    Increased structural rigidity.
    450°C rated for larger temperature operating range.
    Drop in replacement for E3D V6 hotend. Such as PRUSA printer.
    The HF version(High Flow Capacity) is the same overall dimensions as the standard one -Painless volcano experience.
    Collision will not break your heaterbreaker anymore.
    Nozzles can be changed with one hand, without grasping the hot block Nickel plating copper alloy in the hot block will not soften at high temperatures in excess of 550℃.
    Maximum extrusion flowrate test result ([email protected])
    E3D V6 HOTEND copper heater block     1020mm/min ≈ 40.01 mm³/second
    Dragon hotend                                     1150 mm/min ≈46.08 mm³/second
    Dragon hotend HF                                1560 mm/min ≈62.51 mm³/second
    ▉Important! Installation Notes:

    Please do not disassemble it at will. If you must disassemble it, please prepare a complete tool box. The 2 small screws in BLOCK require professional tools.
    *Use high-quality screwdriver tools for disassembly
    Screwdriver tool-Click here to buy
    trianglelab - Dragon Hotend
    Nozzle 0.4MM/1.75MM filament
    Hotendcompatible 1.75MM filament
    ①No V6 adapter status
    Compatible withdiy design
    ②V6 adapter status
    Compatible with all V6 HOTEND interfaces
    Compatible with Prusa I3 MK3/MK3S
    Compatible with Titan Extruder
    Compatible with BMG Extruder
    * Use your imagination to design a better extrusion head module for it.
    ▉What's in the box:
    Dragon-Heatsink                      X1
    Dragon-Customize Break           X1
    Dragon-Plated Copper Block      X1
    T-V6 Plated Copper Nozzle        X1
    V6 adapter                              X1 (GIFT)
    Screw                                     X1 package
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    Aliexpress already has a clone version of DRAGON HOTEND. Very poor quality. The difference in quality can be seen very intuitively in the photos.
    We want to warn our customers not to be cheated. Ask customers to tell your friends to prevent them from being deceived.

    ▉Product differences:

    1 Standard flow

    2 High Flow

    *The appearance of the two specifications is almost similar, only their BREAK is different, and the High flow has a larger copper heat sink.

    ▉Photo display:

    Please enjoy the excellent quality of art.

    PEI 1010(USE Hardened steel V6 NOZZLE)
    PEI Mixed material(Plated Copper Test)

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